What Not to Fix When Selling a House in Utah

Posted in: on: Jan 14 2022

Featured Image by: Unplash

Selling a house is challenging for both experienced homeowners and first-time sellers. The process becomes even more costly if you intend to fix some items before listing the house in the real estate market.

While the main aim is attracting potential buyers quickly, updating your home isn’t worth the costs and effort in some situations, as you may eventually sell the house without gaining additional value. Below are some improvements you should avoid before selling your home.

Cosmetic Problems

Cosmetic fixes such as landscaping and painting are easy to undertake, but may not be rewarding. Potential buyers also may not like the new fresh look, so it is best to leave such changes for potential buyers to customize as per their preference.

However, if your house has distracting and brightly colored walls, obscuring them with a natural palette may be useful. You should only prioritize cosmetic changes if these issues are a major distraction to the appearance of your house.

Repairing the Driveway and Walkway Cracks

A survey by Homelight Top Agents concluded that 94% of real estate agents recommend improving curb appeal can increase the value of a house. However, curb appeal doesn’t necessarily imply perfection, such as fixing driveway and walkway cracks. Hairline driveway cracks are common, especially in areas with regular soil movement, so minor driveway and walkway cracks won’t scare off potential buyers.

Minor Electrical Issues

Apart from loosely hanging lights, exposed wires, and sparkling outlets that require urgent attention, you should skip repairs to minor electrical issues, such as non-functional switches and wobbly sockets. Most pre-sale home inspections don’t mention these minor issues.

Repairing with Trends

Replacing damaged installations, such as cabinets, light fixtures, and faucets to change or improve the appearance of your house is not always a good idea. Repainting the doors, rooms, and cabinets for a quick facelift with trendy patterns is also not always recommended.

Potential buyers can find it difficult to picture their style and lives in homes with trendy colors. As such, using neutral colors make it easier for them to imagine their lives in the house.

Selling Your Home Without Making Repairs

Consider the following options if you don’t want to make changes before listing your home:

1.     Sell the House As Is

Selling your home as is means listing the house in its current condition, without repairs, remodels, or updates. This helps you avoid the expensive and time-consuming changes to prepare your home for sale. However, to attract buyers, you should price the house competitively. Regardless of the state of the house, some buyers may be interested in such projects.

2.     Sell to Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors buy properties in the market as they are. As a result, homeowners won’t have to worry about repairs before selling the house. When selling to a real estate investor, you don’t have to involve realtors, and you can sell the house in as little as a few days.


If your home has critical issues, such as water damage, roofing problems, mold, or foundation issues, the traditional sale process may not be ideal. Family Home Solutions provide cash offers based on the current market value.