Lacking Equity? You Can Still Sell

Get My Fair Cash Offer!

Sellers typically pass the bulk of the cost during the transaction. These include standard commissions, agent fees, insurance, escrow, taxes, and even buyers fees. That’s right, the seller pays fees for the buyer… But why?

Why pay a huge chunk of money for a house you don’t even want to own anymore? Money is tight for everyone these days, so don’t waste a single cent. Don’t negotiate over fees and lose thousands and thousands of dollars to these extraneous costs.

For these reasons, many sellers feel like they can’t even afford to sell, because they lack the equity ON TOP OF the additional fees. But, if you bought your home in the last five to ten years with full financing, you probably don’t even have enough invested to cover these costs. Declining markets and depreciation are leaving many homeowners “under water.”

With us, you pay NO CLOSING COSTS. We make you a cash offer and give you a solution to your unique situation. Everyone can afford to work with us and we cover all of these fees and costs so you don’t have to!